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I’m passioned by everything that has to do with Japanese tattoos. The beauty of a Japanese tattoo is that everything is coded with symbols, myths and legends. Each element has a symbolism which can create a complex story once mixed with other elements. 


I’m trying to bring a new Japanese style in Quebec: The Neo-Japanese tattoo style. Using Realistic tattoo techniques (3D tattoos) and combining them with traditional Japanese style, I achieved a new style of Japanese tattoo where shadings and colors seem more realistic. I also practice the Japanese art of traditional tattooing by hand: Tebori. 


In order to learn as much as I can, I have traveled and have been tattooed. I have traveled 3 times in Japan, have been many times in the US, Asia and Europe. I have taken numerous seminars taught by the most renowned tattoo artists in the world. I have also gotten tattooed by famous masters such as Shige, Paul Booth and Jack « Horimouja » Mosher. Finally, I’ve been in the biggest international tattoo conventions in the world. It’s it 2012 that I opened my shop: Zen Tattoo Studio.



 have 6 to 8 months of waiting to for a first tattoo appointment. Since I usually do large pieces, I like to book multiple appointments in advance (while leaving 3 weeks in between to heal). This way we can get more done in a reasonable amount of time; no more waiting months in between appointments. 

To make an appointment, I start by meeting you for a consultation. Consultations are done at 11h30 at the shop (Studio Zen Tattoo) in Laval. To make an appointment for a consultation, please call the shop and ask the receptionist for my next availability: 450-933-9398.

If you live far from the shop and can’t make it for a consultation, please fill out the following form.


I ask for a deposit because it assures me of your commitment and full participation in the tattoo process. It also avoids me to work with people who aren’t serious about it. The price of the deposit varies according to the size of the tattoo: deposit prices range between 200$-1000$. The deposit will be deducted from the price of the tattoo once it’s completely finished. They are also NOT REFUNDABLE since the I take the time to prepare the project.

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    It all depends on the level of details, but ruffly a sleeve can take anywhere between 20h-50h to complete.
    I tattoo 5 days a week for about 6h-8h each day. Therefore, if you are tuff and can tolerate the pain, everything is possible… But by experience, it’s better to give yourself more time to finish such a project.

    Everything depends on your tolerance, but also note that I will listen to you body: I will not force more tattoo time on you if you bleed too much or if you move too much. 

    I ask for a deposit because it assures me of your commitment and full participation in the tattoo process. It also avoids me to work with people who aren’t serious about it. Deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE since I take the time to prepare the project.

    I love doing free-hand designs, because there is no better way to make the tattoo fit your body curves. But I also know that people like to see the idea on paper before seeing it on their body.
    Therefore, I usually do a mix of both technics: The primary subjects are all drawn to make the stencils, while the background is usually drawn free-hand on you. This gives me the leverage I need to make a design that fits perfectly on your body.

    I also do 100% free-hand tattoos if you are interested.

    The drawing will be available the same day as the tattoo appointment. I take extra time during the first appointement to look at the design and to make modifications if needed.

    For the first appointement, I take only one client that day, so that we have the time to prepare the session. I will show you the drawing, make the ajustments if necessary, place the stencil and do the free-hand drawing. Because of all the preparations, the first session is usually the longest one. The other session can be shorter.

    Yes of course. I’m truly passioned by these subjects and I will take the time to write back.

    Yes, you have to be 18+ to get tattooed by me. At the shop we ask for a valid piece of I.D to everyone who seems to be younger than 25 years old.

    I only do Japanese/Asian style tattoos. I can tattoo different subjects that are not Japanese (like Sun Wukon, Barong, etc…) But the final style will have a Japanese twist.
    I don’t do realistic tattoos, nor portraits nor letterings.

    I can do traditional Japanese tattoos and neotraditional Japanese tattoos. I do not do the Japanese manga style.

    I started practicing Tebori in 2017. This technique requires lots of practice and as of today, I’m not completely comfortable doing a whole backpiece with this technique. I do small piece but I still do the lines of the tattoo with a tattoo machine. For more information on Tebori, you can always write to me.

    No! Even if I can understand some Japanese, I will not take the risk of mistranslating something for you.  

    Also, please know that your name won’t necessarily translate well to Japanese. The correct way to translate a name is by using kataganas. If you try using kanjis (because they look cooler) to phonetically translate a name, you can end up with something very stupid written on you… For example, if you take the name Emma, the correct way of write it, is: エマ. It’s possible to write it with kanjis like this too: 叡真 ou 馬宴. One way means “intelligence and truth’ while the other means “a festing horse”… Both is Emma phonetically.

    For this reason I do not translate things in Japanese.



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